The Gift of Love

The universe gave me the opportunity to help a family in need this Christmas.  I found myself getting so excited with all of the ways I could help.  I talked to the adult of the household and asked exactly what was needed, and found that everything from clothing to furniture would be used by four girls ranging in ages from 7 to 15.  I had just cleaned out my kids closets and had the clothes and shoes neatly folded up in bags.  So someone delivered those clothes and shoes to the family and they were so thankful.  Then I shared the news of the needs of this family on social media and asked for help.  A local charity donated money to buy two sets of bunkbeds and another charity provided mattresses, sheets, and comforters.  God was bringing it all together through our good intentions.  People donated clothes, money, gift certificates and toys. 
I was able to see miracle after miracle happen through helping this family.  It’s when we reach out in love and help and uplift one another that true miracles happen.

I have also found how much lighter and happier my heart has been this Christmas.  I’ve been singing Christmas carols as I wrapped gifts, humming as I was shopping, and just imagining the excitement as these girls open their Christmas gifts on Christmas day.  Helping this family really brought out the joy of helping others into my life this month.  I’ve given and donated all kinds of things in the past, but this year was different because I actually got to get involved with a family and see their needs being met.

You see, it wasn’t the actual physical things as much as that we as a group of people wanted to share our love with others.  That we could help and take the time to put it all together in order for this family to feel our love being shared.

I wish much happiness, love and joy to you and your family and friends this Christmas season.  I hope you will also consider truly giving to others in the coming year.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be something purchased but maybe just sitting down to a conversation, helping out someone in need with a task – just sharing your love.  I can tell you from my experience, it will change your life in beautiful ways and the universe will reward you greatly.  Remember that your light shines brightly as you love one another as Jesus instructed us to do.

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