Free Worm
Worm On A Journey

Today I went out into my carport and discovered a small creature inching its way towards my riding lawnmower. It stretched out and moved and then stretched some more. I took time to really look at it because it had a greenish color to its body. It wasn’t a “normal” looking brown worm that I have seen in the past. I wanted to label it “alien worm” because it was a bit alien to me and the greenish color made me think of that and his not so smooth appearance. This worm was moving pretty anxiously toward something so I decided that I would place a barrier in its way and see what would happen. I found my old movie popcorn bucket and placed it right on the path of this creature. I came back inside and later back out to see if he’d gone around the bucket and he just stopped dead in his tracks and seemed to almost coil up. He could have easily gone around the bucket but because something was directly in front of his view he stopped and he didn’t even try to take another route or even turn around.

Worm Stopped by Obstacle

I wonder how many times we face a “wall” or experience a challenge and just stop dead in our own tracks. We often can’t see around the roadblock that has dropped right in front of us. I’m not sure the worm even could see or sense how large or small the bucket was or that there was a way around it.

Believe me I’ve been this worm! I have had things just drop out of the blue right in front of me and stop me. I used to feel paralyzed with fear at some of the things that happened but now I’ve learned to just stop and breathe. Sometimes I just need a minute or two or maybe even a day or two to really do a reset, look at the situation or what I like to call experience and then see what if any action is needed.

Have you ever been just zipping along on your way and something stop you dead in your tracks? Of course we all have. But instead of letting us completely shut us down lets stop, take a deep breath, collect ourselves, look at the situation with a new view and continue on. We are made to preserve and succeed. Don’t let that roadblock stop you from your success!

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