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What happens when everything you have been raised to believe turns out not to be true?  Angela Johnson was confronted with this very question which spurred her on to explore other belief systems, encouraging and inspiring her to WAKE UP and take up the courageous journey into the unknown…into the true  heart of her Authentic Self.  Angela shares her experiences and the lessons she has learned along her journey.  Tune in for inspirational talks, stories and guest interviews that will inspire you to WAKE UP to the highest and best in you… Your Authentic Self!

Show Notes for Episode 1

I start off talking about what can happen when we all put our differences aside and come together to bring Peace, Love, Harmony and Joy to our world.

Me talking about the circumstances that presented in my life to help me slow down enough to start really waking up (3:43)

I briefly discuss limiting beliefs which are any beliefs that constrain us in some way.  They hold us back from being our true self.  We often get caught up in these and let them “run us” instead of us running our own lives.  I also discuss how fear stops us. (4:22)

Adrenal fatigue along with hypothyroid issues stopped me in my tracks but I continued to take care of family but realized I had to learn to take care of me before I could help anyone else. (6:00)

Now in 2018 I’m healthy, happy, and in touch with the Divine in me.  I am a co-creator of my life instead of thinking that life is throwing me around. (8:43)

Discuss how Divine timing and Synchronicity plays a part in my life  (9:00)

God and the Universe are with us at all times and support us and how we are loved unconditionally at all times. (10:19)

Shining my light and empowering you to shine your light as well.  When we are our authentic selves we shine brightly so others can see who we really are. Leading a life or service- not selfishness.  (11:00)

What Intuition is – the ability to understand something or a knowing without the need for conscious reasoning.  (11:55)

My health and how thoughts and beliefs affected my health and how I use them to restore balance in my body. myself through the use of positive affirmations (12:20)

How I’ve learned to go with the flow of life instead of trying to control everything and how much easier life is when we are in the flow.  (12:40)

How connected we are to each other, nature, animals, and taking care of GAIA.   We are a part of everything (13:25)

Angels Supporting Us  and give us unconditional love (14:36)

I discuss how Meditation and being Mindful have totally changed my mind from running full time to enjoying silence now. (14:50)

Healing limiting beliefs by taking classes, reading books, doing energy work, attending retreats, going to counseling and meditation (15:48)

We are here to Love One Another   Jesus came as an example of Love and to model how we should also love one another (16:36)

How we have thoughts and beliefs and those create dis-ease in our body and how when we change those negative thoughts into positive affirmations we can re-balance the body. (17.56)

Naming my podcast and my journey being one experience at a time.  Waking up is finding the truth within us and then opening up to those truths.  (18.21)

You may be going through a difficult time now and some examples of how we each may feel and things we may be going through in order to grow our soul while we are here on Earth  (20:10)

Gratitude and sending love to these special people for helping me with this podcast  (22:33)

Thanks so much for the following musicians that helped bring life to my podcast.  Musical credits:

Eddie Dennis for the Waking Up In A Sleepy World jingle

Julie Storer Music can be purchased at http://juliestorer.bandcamp.com/   

  • Coming Out of The Dark  (1st piece after jingle) digital track
  • Far Away (2nd piece) digital track single
  • The Dream (4th piece) from Momentum digital album
  • Ambient Piano (5th piece) from Momentum digital album
  • Sub-base 2  (7th piece) from Momentum digital album

Lee Rosevere Music can be purchased at http://leerosevere.bandcamp.com/  

All songs were used from the Music for Podcasts 5 digital album

  • You’re Enough (version a) (3rd piece after jingle)
  • We’ll Figure It Out Together (6th piece)
  • Knowing The Truth (8th piece)

Special Thanks also to:

Dave Jackson for being a great podcasting coach!  Dave can be located at   http://theschoolofpodcasting.com   Tell him I sent you.  He has wonderful online training, personal coaching, and IS THE MAN in podcast training!

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